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ALESIS is the main product of Park Street Gamming, which is part of "Park Street Corporation"

Founded in 1985, Park Street began as a law firm, and by 1993 the entertainment division was created, which specializes in attractions for amusement parks and entertainment centers, serving primarily in Mexico and Texas in 1995 thanks to the success achieved by the entertainment division, was also started the distribution division, which operates the import and export of gaming and entertainment equipment.

In 1996 he established the software division, which is dedicated to the production of administrative software systems and databases.

Already for 1998 creates the division of games and draws where you operate all legal aspects of games and raffles in Mexico.

During the turn of the millennium, the company began operations in several entertainment centers in various localities of the Mexican Republic and it was not till 2006 that the software division was created to fill the rider to manage entertainment centers developing what today ALESIS know as a manager of electronic and Logical lottery system.

ALESIS has evolved over the years to reach today become one of the leaders in the administration and control of game rooms and entertainment centers in Mexico and is already in process and thus bring about the internalization potential customers worldwide.


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